Coming from a background of journalism, (that’s after my introduction into the world of enterprise, MLM-Multi Level Marketing precisely), my mentor(or what we call sponsor) encouraged me to peddle my trade through my writing( she feels I’m not given to talking much!). So about two years ago I opened my blog, posted just a few posts…and practically went AWOL last year from the blog! Reasons will come later. When I came across the Blogging101, I felt this is just the push I need, as I have become intolerably lazy at writing. So thank God I’m here,praying I’m able to make the most of it.

Well, why ‘oroaje‘,the answer is simply to educate about MLM, share my experiences as a neophyte in the industry, that is my peculiar Nigerian experiences in the Nigerian MLM Industry,because blogs educating about MLM abound.

That said,I hope I’m able to get you reading,visiting and referring and ultimately joining my business(winks…that’s why I am here anyway).

Thanks for dropping by.and thanks Blogging 101 crew for this push!